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Welcome to Africa Biofuel & Emission Reduction (East Africa) Ltd

A Sustainable Pure Plant Oil Fuel Energy Division of EuphorbUS, LLC. ABEA operates in East Africa to bring a local renewable energy solution to the East African Market

Our African Pure Plant Oil Biofuel (PPOB) is derived from an indigenous oil-bearing tree, Croton megalocarpus (Haya name: muhihi). This tree grows in semi-arid climates on marginal lands and produces 25-50 kg of seeds annually with 32% oil content. Beginning with relatively small yields three years after planting, the Croton tree reaches maturity between 10-12 years. ABEA indicate that a mature tree can produce as much as 120 liters of PPOB annually. The sequestration of carbon by the trees and the replacement of fossil fuel with a clean, renewable fuel source, both qualify for carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol and its successor.

Other major benefits from using this indigenous non-edible oil seed for biofuel feedstock include the non-invasive nature of this indigenous species. . A two-tier ground cover protects against rainstorm splash and sheet soil erosion. The trees' growth improves soil organic matter , as well as, provides cover for small agriculture based intercropping. Intercropping allows for full utilization of eroded, non-productive forest land while providing local farmers interim income streams before income realization from Croton nut sales.

Africa Biofuel & Emission Reduction (East Africa) Ltd (ABEA) is committed to maintaining wildlife corridors through protection of riparian wetland areas and other critical habitat in its domain. The company is a strong, environmentally focused, social mission driven, global business developed for the purpose of bringing an existing natural resource to the commercial renewable energy market, first in Africa, then to South and North America. The Croton tree is indigenous to three other continents with a vested interest in an affordable, clean, renewable energy source. ABEA is the first company in the world to bring the Croton species to market using a socially responsible, global renewable energy business model. ABEA is entering the East African market first to demonstrate economies of scale and technology transfer in an undervalued, underserved market, where 80% of all people are currently in need of electricity and liquid fuel.

Why Pure Plant Oil Biofuel (PPOB)?

  • The Croton tree has been used for centuries by rural East Africans for lighting and heating fuel. ABEA is now matching historical usage and market information with present day technology. At maturity, approximately 100 trees can provide 1 ton of Pure Plant Oil Biofuel
  • With the current extreme volatility in oil prices, there is substantial savings in foreign exchange earnings
  • Money saved by the use of locally sourced clean energy Pure Plant Oil Biofuel can be used to build schools, hospitals, clinics and infrastructure

Why Produce for the Regional East African Market?

  • The tree's optimal biophysical environment is in relatively moist, cool environments, above elevations of 1200 meters and with annual rainfall between 800 and 1600 mm.
  • Initial indications show that there are two primary locations in Tanzania with these characteristics; six in Kenya; and another seven areas in five other EAC countries.
  • Reforestation of these areas contributes to economic, and social benefit for local people and environmental benefit to local, regional, and global people as well as endangered species of wildlife.

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